Guilty Pleasures!

Now I have to admit I take some guilty pleasure in this…..

I always claim the left always “eats their own” be it Stalin or Mao or Pol pot…or Hugo or Castro…when it comes to taking down and or killing off your followers. no one, I repeat NO ONE can hold a candle to the liberal progressive wanna be communist and the new Social Democrat.

I mean we have seen it through history and we see it now with the Four Horseman of the Congressional Liberal Apocalyptical Pack…….  from here forward to be called The CLAP!

The CLAP has trapped…oh wait, let me change that ……the CLAP TRAP has sprung on the most unsuspecting member of the uber left… Nancy Pelosi and they are devouring her…. calling her racist etc… which means more entertainment for us as the Pussy hat-wearing seem to be as hard to coral as their namesake and things are just getting interesting.

And it’s not just that catfight……(so much for a woman running shit being calmer and well thought out teamwork…LOL)

Now we have, the mentally altered from normal perception, tearing at each other. I would call this a catfight but not sure there is one in the room and I don’t have a program to identify the players.  Now we aren’t getting into the argument either of …are these reflections of the New American construct, trashing the right and old-style lefts idea of family,   No lets move on to the entertaining part that people are listening to what Johns Hopkins first called mentally ill then tried to appease and reassign sex then returned to the mentally ill side again,  I think…I will have to check that for you to see where that needle points today!  be that as it may…we have moved on.

What we have is the left eating the left so to say. and what a glorious day it is..they now have to fight off the same assinine ascertains we have had to fight off. the Sexist or Racist or Homophobic catcalls or here the HETROPHOBIC cat calls…LOL

I can see it now…
“you aren’t a real lesbian you love a woman with a pecker” …LOL
“I am too a lesbian, he thinks he is a woman, and we call his pecker a big clit you siezist”….LOL

Come on I don’t care what side of reality or mental health you are on, that shit right there is funny as all get out….!!!

And we are just seeing the beginning of crazy..I mean there are still about 2 dozen of these morons running for president and soon they will be touting these other morons as people of position in power…I heard the soccer and lesbian star Rapinoe mentioned as Secretary of State, haven’t we already had one of these…what say you, Hillary?

Anyway here is a tif the oh so can’t we get along females that enjoy females are having at the moment…..Let’s see who’s giving whom a better licking?

Think about it, when this catfight Peters out, it should be about time for the next debate ….  Yep, More popcorn is needed quickly ….


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