The Truth Trickles Out

Don’t think this is not factual..when they tell you what they are wanting to do believe them…. click the link below the pic to understand what they are doing to you…like Knee taking Kaepernick, his deed had nothing to do with Cops and his fellow black brethren, it had to do with changing the fabric that made this great country to rip it apart is as much about the constitution and the flag as it had to do with the supposed cops…

The proof is the Betsy Ross flag…an abolitionist and well look her up she had no connection with slavery at all…and yet shoes with her flag are racist….reallY?

Same with this TWIT…pretty yes, I like how she looks…and I like her energy the way she seems comfy doing what she does all the time …. but she is either one of the duped or expects to dupe you….DON’T LET HER…think for yourself…

If you can’t think for yourself or want a base to go to to see what is going on come one over…you can even ask for a topic…Shit, I know everything so let me help you think..Not gonna tell ya what to think but if you don’t think or not like me lets talk about bring your facts I will bring mine see where we end up….Hell, change my mind…or let me change yours…

Either way, this is one of the most dangerous idiots around right now…


AOC Chief of Staff Reveals True Goal of Green New Deal: Change Entire U.S. Economy

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