So it’s was about a week ago (not sure when I will finish this so “about” seemed like a safe word) we had D-Day’s 75th anniversary…..And the left for a bit was almost silent and the press was almost “The Press” again.  But as is almost always the case lately, no one made a parallel or maybe this is incorrect, no one showed exactly how wrong the open borders and the NWO (new world order) or OWO (one world order) which in itself is the no borders crowd…and no wonder they were quiet…I will try and explain so bear with me…

We celebrated the greatest generation, we also acknowledged the willingness of the “good” world to fight the “bad” …the constant battle of good versus evil.  The dictator against the individual.  The suppressor against the free man.  We celebrate how the free world rose and became one against the not so free and ideologically structured STATE.  The enslaved versus the free.

I will try and sift through the thoughts that explain in my mind how our current political world views of no borders and OWO makes us seem almost Bi-Polar

On the one hand, we have WWII where the free nations of the world rose up against a dictator and his supposed attempt to change the world to his white supremacist race lording over the Not So Fortunate of other races.   it is the equal now of all the supposed not white races over the white race (which in itself Craps all over science) as Hispanics are considered white except when the left or the OWO claims because of the slight variation in the skins tonal quality, that makes them not white…I find this funny as all get out, since the so-called party of the people of science, yet again ignore science…

Anyway, the NWO or the OWO of the Nazi’s who wanted to erase all borders and make the WORLD a place they controlled, by their rules, there would be the Elite, the supremacist, running the whole world under one all-powerful agenda of the Supreme Race, this self-imposed elitist class…be it a race or an ideology or like the left, the progressives love to conflate and bastardize this, to eliminate the individual with what they call the tribe or the village and in a larger scale ONE WORLD ORDER   !!!

And yet we came as a world, all the allies, of which were groups from whites, blacks, Hispanics, men, women etc…each of these, individuals to start, many of which volunteered, and expanded that to each individual country, got together to attempt to put an end to a people that erased borders, installed an elitist group to dictate to not just individuals but states, countries, and whole continents…the new world order or one world order…….Doesn’t this sound like our last administration and UN’s ideology?  The Social justice warrior, the politically correct.

The combined individuals, Countries and all the free loving people..the people of self worth and self giving, the people that believe in love thy neighbor, The peopel that believe in sacrifice for a just cause, the people of helping your fellow man, the people of pride in ones country, and the belief of each nation to be a sovereign entity dictated to only by the will of all the individuals of that country, the right to govern themselves as they see fit not as some elitist entity decides…not as some bureaucrats who deems himself or themselves to be smarter and know what is better for you, but a proud people that celebrate their differences and want to keep those traits unto themselves as an individual, a group, a nation, Proud of themselves and their fellow countrymen and proud of what makes us different and the right of each to be different.

These individuals and nations attacked the self-appointed elite, the bureaucrats, the supremacist that had erased all other differences, erased the countries, erased the borders and were well on the way to the NWO or OWO.  They went up against all odds to redraw those borders, to retrace the lines that had been erased, to give back the sovereign nation to the people of that nation, so as to be able to govern themselves as they saw fit…they got together as individuals to form a whole, to fight against NWO/OWO because they saw the ugliness, the evil if you will, that this brought down on the not so lucky, the weak, the wrong background, heritage, color, religion, whatever…They came to fight and die for the right of borders and the right of the country to govern itself by the will of ITS People not some other person or countries views.

They knew the chances of dying was great, they also knew the thought of living under such suppression under such control was unthinkable.  They gave their lives by the thousands so those that survived could be individuals, they could form their own future,  draw their own borders, have their own laws, they could again have a country and they could redraw the borders to control what they thought was right for them and become a sovereign people, a country that was like no other…to regain their freedoms and their history their self worth as individuals of that country, to preserve their heritage and write their own history.

And yet it seems America has a group that is trying to go backward … The progressives, they are not progressive but regressive, not for the individual but the collective led by the elitist or by the bureaucrat that knows what is better for you, that knows supposedly your mind better than you yourself know your mind…and this group of self-serving bureaucrats and elitist expect us to roll over and give up free will and the right to govern as we see fit in our own republic…..

I for one say NO.  I will storm the beaches, if in no other way then ideologically…as I do hope that a free people know their mind better and can with the vote control their future not by suppression, not by Political correctness or social justice, these are just words used by the regressive to control people…I will storm the beach be it ideologically with my poor writing skills or if it comes down to it storm the beaches and redraw the borders and regain our individual right to the idea that all men are created equal and have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness through the vote and through individualism and if needed will do so by force if threatened.  As I feel the majority of people are good and love their fellow man and those that do not, should not be given power and if they try to amass that power by deceit or by force they need to be deterred. Deterred Ideologically, figuratively, literally down the last breath of the last free person on earth…

Because if you are not free to chart your own course in life…well you are no more then a SLAVE.

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