Donna Brazile comparing Trump and Clinton one is innocent and one was found guilty.

So how does that show any kind of equality or equivalence

Also her lying and cheating self…. dare we talk about debates and leaked questions..,but we can get to that later in this ….

She has the gaul to mention her tripe about did Trump, asking if Trump reported attempted Russians ………what give trump info and he is supposed to gleam through some crystal ball type thing or that magic wand Obama claimed Trump needed to make things better and bring prosperity to thew country…   But then we know liberals lie

But lets just say that Trump knew russians were trying to swing things his way…so what as long as he doesn’t help or COLLUDE with them…which between you and i is not illegal for anyone to get help to win something …I mean it was all true..Hillary does suck at following the law just as did Obama…again just for fun let’s play whataboutism did Hillary report her paying for Russian info what about Obama not reporting or doing anything about Russians meddling…..????

Excuse me if I am not enamored with a former Louisiana resident and coming from a corrupt political area and moving to where she fit even better in a more corrupt area with the most corrupt party as her base, and you wonder why her words hold no weight…..hell she even threw her own party under the bus including hillary when it suited she is a cheat and not loyal either….so not a good upstanding citizen and doesn’t even have honor among thieves …so she is truly despicable.

So lets pic this apart a little better…..take her claim this AM on FOX holding up 3 volumes of Clinton investigation….you know where clinton used Monica as a living humidor and a  blue dress to land for his ejaculat….thats cum for the rest of us….and Donna wants to compare the two…

Really compare them, One a man in power using an underling sexually and his actions are of his own accord, how is that comparable with a guy (Trump) and associates being illegally surveilled by the american government …as it turns out an innocent man being surveilled by the full depth and breath of the US Government…..ILLEGALLY

As far as the report again she is a fraud …everyone knows it is all gonna come out as both sides want it out…even though all sides know it will be like the three tomes she held up and will be redacted….and of course we all know even if the redaction is just a single sentence it will be where the left points to as proof…if only we knew what that proof is…but there is a difference..the difference is CLINTON WAS FOUND GUILTY….and TRUMP FOUND INNOCENT…so there is that little bit of distinction…I do understand the liberal progressive often blur the two….LOL

Next what is this woman talking about when she claims we need to know facts and the truth as if she is some corner stone of what…dignity,  fairness, honesty, appropriateness WAIT I THREW UP A BIT IN THE BACK OF MY THROAT…be right back…..

Remember (as promised a follow up)  this the same twat that gave one side of a debate questions in the presidential election, so much for fairness!

Isn’t this the same woman, by her own words that claimed Hillary had control of the purse strings of the DNC and yet did not report said thing.  That was doubly wrong as both she should have reported it and Hillary should have reported it….remember that problem the left has with following laws… is another double trouble bit of fun. As it was supposed to be reported as campaign funds… and it should have been said long before donna threw Hillary under the bus.

She didn’t mind not informing anyone but wants to know if TRUMP had two or three russians try to get him to fall for getting shit from russia and she asks “did he report it to the feds”  why didn’t she report Hillary taking over the DNC funds that she, Donna Brazile, complained about in her own voice….not hearsay but fact…wow they actually got a fact out right.

Why didn’t she also ask why Obama did not report the russian trying to tamper with our elections and warn Trump like they warned Feinstein. They saw fit to warn  Feinstein that for 10 years she had a chinese agent as her chauffeur with no charges against Feinstein.  but Trump they treat differently..why?  Why wasn’t obama forthcoming and stop the so called attempts…?????  Why wasn’t Trump informed Russians were trying to do shit.????

Why isn’t Donna asking who Hillary paid, with campaign and DNC money, to make such a  dossier …why doesn’t anyone ask why Hillary got 145 Million after the uranium one deal?  Or Hubby 500K for a speech in russia….????

And if the left want to go after 10 years of tax records and deals I think we should go after a few congressmen…..
One, for sex scandal payoffs, where trump used his own money to pay off a stripper and they used TAXPAYER money to pay off this kind of shit….
Two, Maybe ask Obama and hillary about 10 years of raking in money that makes them millionaires, on a salary that they both, if they saved every penny of their salary, couldn’t have amassed more then one or two million and yet…well check their wealth now and while you are at it check the so called charity of Hillary….

I am gonna cut this short cause my blood pressure is up and I need to do some work to earn a few bucks…

I am ok with checking all sides or no sides…put them all in jail that are guilty or maybe…..just maybe, start doing what you are in office for running this country to Keep America Great…


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