So if you are reading this you figured this out early on as things developed this was a witch hunt.

So we also know liberals will now pivot, lets see how good I am at this.

They will still tout russian collusion wink wink, nod nod, just not found
Did you know mueller is a republican.
They redacted the parts that make him guilty.
They show we need to check his past life for other stuff (?????)
We need to make sure all his money is legal…!

I tried to post this earlier as I am sure some of these excuses or investigations or accusations are already being bantered about…

They will ask for full disclosure knowing full well and good there are secrets that general americans and countries we both have as allies and shall we say Obama’s friends like Putin (remember obama promised leeway on the open mike all trump did was ask for hillary destroyed and subpoenaed emails to be released…) so know they can’t….release everything liberals will point to that and say see a cover up….

And the spineless republicans and news media won’t call them on that fact…won’t just ask….”So you don’t mind giving up state secrets to look at and for more nothing burger?” What happened to people with Balls even women reporters with some back bone…

Slaves to an ideology when they could be making history…..Imagine if they started to count the illegal things done by …

Half dozen FBI Upper echelon

People woudl forget all about watergate but when you have so many collusionist who is left to take them on?

So sit back and watch the next version of the Keystone cops that the liberal progressive wanna be communist put on…shoudl be another great NOTHINGBURGER

At least now Trump has rid himself of the handcuffs of this investigation…and President Trump….do like you been doing…don’t just sit and take it ..give it back to these asses 10 fold…!!!

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