SAD, for a free country!

It is truly sad that my email and my FB messenger and my phone text every morning is blown up with people sending me shit to post……Whats sad about it you ask? Several sad things here.

Well in this land of the free..the majority of people have to hide their political ideology because we have a political ideology that practice guerrilla type warfare on people that speak their minds.

Sad that we lost a media which has usually been a tad more fair in coverage then the conglomerates we have now…in cahoots with a liberal progressive wanna be communist ideology that has failed from one side of this globe to the other.

Sad that people that believe a thing an idea a way of life, are in fear of expressing their beliefs, not talking religion as i believe every religion has room to be enjoyed in america if it follows the laws….but the beliefs that made and kept this country great and as a world leader are now relegated to my emails texts, and private messages because fo the fear instilled in the people that need to provide for their families….

Sad that we can’t all grow a backbone on the same day and post what we think, feel and know.

Not trying to be politically incorrect, as if I gave a fuck if I was, but

We out number these morons with their ignorant ideas….

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