The Great Diversion

Two stories hit the news lately….

One was parents, rich parents, buying their kids ways into college!

Two two top secret or confidential under oath testimony from a few people involved in Trump Russia collusion…

The first one anybody with eyes and ears already knew about …maybe not in the High Dollar amounts discussed but who didn’t know this? I mean people have been donating wings of buildings or buildings or donations of kind in equipment etc…etc…

So what if it escalates to actual dollars, cheating, photoshop, fake histories such as rower and they don’t know a scull from a skull….

Wait am I conflating stories aren’t some of the same things happening in Trump Russia collusion…..Money, fake news, fraudulent assertions and lies, lies from every congressman and FBI department heads as it seems they all knew Hillary was guilty or at the very least needed to go on trial to establish innocence or guilt….

Sort of like these kids should have followed the rules but when the ruling class and lets not bullshit our selves …..we have gone back to the feudal system, the elitist and empowered knowing no one will threaten them as they can buy or use the muscles of contacts or government and destroy a person or bestow things like a college acceptance or decry the legally elected president is not legal…

And yet everytime we sniff out the facts it seems the liberals are the ones committing illegal acts…and not one of the elite suffers any consequences…..

Welcome to the NEW AMERICA

Funny how the two stories seem almost dependent on each other…

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