There are more of you…

There are the sane and then there are the Others

The problem is the Sane have stopped running things and someone has taken the reins of the Others.  So the other then sane are running shit.

Look I like a good party as much as the next guy, hell more so than others.

You may wanna “give a brother a break” but you also know (if part of the sane) his break shouldn’t be the duration of his lifetime.  Now we may all differ, and we do, of  what that balance is and how we get there.

But this flat out inhumaine propaganda is just ugly.  It in itself hurts us as a people.  No matter your color your nationality what ever your difference…being hurt, herded or lied to.

But …

Being victim to being propagandised….what can you then believe….so here we have, what?  Three or four news agencies wanting you and me to see this, read this tripe and nod affirmatively, as if saying…OK!

Take a good look, this is your media….You are being lied to or hoodwinked or lead a stray, and no one need take that in a religious way, as LORD knows I ain’t religiouse.

But take a look I posted this on FB…perfect example…..

51927995_771351503248959_6527894619659698176_n.jpgSo this is the link…..  

I get fooled sometimes by shit from the Onion or one of any bait or just fun “Ain’t this stupid” fake sites…..But look at who is bolstering this fraud….

I watched the news and it was easy to see all the shots were tight to make it look like there were a lot of people there.

Trust me if you are reading this stuff you are smarter then the bottom half of the planet.  That is not ego I just know a lot of smart people.


It is time to stop dividing us and if we can’t stop that cause it is human nature….

But just for a short time can we forget
left or right….
christ or the devil…..
Religious or the atheist….
black or white….
rich or poor…..
male or still figuring it out…..
reality or fantasy….
Female or see above….
republican or democrat…..

I truly tried to not mention specifics that keep the easily distracted, distracted….except for the list above ……. BUT

Lets at least divide us along the lines of SANE and OTHER…!

The sane should demand the truth not propaganda!!!

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