When liberals Cry about Trumps Debt

Stay tuned for more facts and as always I am willing to debate any liberal snowflake over FACTS…

But we play within my rules here, which means you don’t get to divert or deflect from simple questions and all answers need to be backed up by facts…

Shit like..one hears liberals say TRUMP increased the Debt by two trillion…well he did ..but first let’s remember he is not only running the country but also paying interest from the last three New World Order asses who doubled the debt when they took power…so really he should be around 5 to 7 trillion more as obama was at this time, right at about 3+ trillion…

ALso if you took both years of Trump’s debt and added them together they don’t equal Obama’s first year and added together just fall slightly under his second year and under his third year, not by much like .1 trillion or so ……UNDERSTAND MORONS we are talking about both Trump Years added together don’t equal to one Obama year…

Love my President and I am gonna love him even more when he nails Chucky and Nancy about the wall…

As a side note I did a search and out of about 100 graphs (as I was looking for a visual) this is the only one that included Trump….I WONDER WHY? can you tell why?  Or anyone with balls want to ask about it?


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