I just had to point out the HYPOCRISY

So here we are…where we have a two tier everything…if you are a liberal like Kamala Harris you can supposedly fool around with a married man and not a whisper from the left…if you are Barney Frank you can have a sex for pay run from your house and you can grow a federally illegal schedule 1 drug, I think, it is a federal felony..no problem Clinton…Bill that is as we don’t have enough room on here for ALL of Hillary illegal acts to be listed…I will list some ….I could go on and on…

At least Trump Divorces and remarries, still a disaster according to the left…then tell me about BILL..yeah tell me about Me Too…LOL…

And how come a future presidential adulterer like Kamala (it was before she was married in 2014) but it is ok for a liberal to play in open marriage as the guy she was fuckin around with Supposedly that is, was married….??? it’s a Democrat nothing to see here move on …. but let a republican do it…..OH MY GOD!

Gay bashing goes on and is ok only if it is a republican tapping a foot at a stall supposedly but Barney running a male prostitution (supposedly he didn’t know his lover was doing it and growing a schedule 1 drug..all fine…a republican SUPPOSEDLY TAPS A FOOT  looking for a BJ Supposedly..nothing happened but had to leave office …but Barney because it is democrat, it’s ok to do anything !!!

NON Equal pay for women…ask Hillary it’s ok to pay women less..hell misogyny is ok too as she moved the woman out of her position not the guy in her team that was being abusive…It’s ok it is a democrat…

ON AND ON IT GOES…not gonna mention other Hillary shit like russian collusion with a paper and money trail…But some times some shit just fuckin screams at me….

These fuckin Democrats scream DIVERSITY…so I got to ask where are the Males where are the people of color…LOL



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