Also love the idiots that either foster or support such morons…I am positing a piece and want to premise how they are trying to once again divert attention and deflect it to a semi ….understand I said a semi problem….

Our borders as any president should know are one of his primary concerns.  But unlike the most recent past presidents this one actually puts America first.  I say most recent PRESIDENTS as a plural as I think we have been so beat up about how bad we are and that even our leaders, supposedly those smarter or better equipped than us to deal with our WELFARE and WELLBEING have been duped.  Felt the same about Clinton, Bush, Obama, I truly don;t remember daddy bush Carter (other than the suffering for the impotent president caused) and hardly have glimpses of 70’s and 80’s leaders….full discolosure I was a drug addled moron…… If ever anyone asks questions, as it seems I get visitors but no interactions from them, but should they ask I will explain more fully of the presidents …right now I am trying to TRAIN myself to stay on the topic.

So I have included a link to an article…now I read, I think same as you, I read part way down the article and started this post.  When all the BS started about Canadian homegrown (notice they don’t call it lone “wolf” anymore but now lone “actors”…LOL and seeing Hollywood as it is  they may be more correct than trying to divert and deflect but …shit there I go another tangent… back to the homegrown terrorist from Canada…)

The diversion they want you to accept is Islamic lone “wolf” radicals (I so love to buck stupidity I just had to say it, ask about the lone wolf theory or I may just write another post for it…Shit tangent!)) back to the three cases in Canada that are so much more of a threat then the drunken neighbors to the south (Canadians, at least most, the sailor Canadians I have met at least, hold their liquor well) we are supposed to fear the possible Canadian home-grown Islamic terrorist …remember that is border the 9/11 guys supposedly came through and since?.   we are supposed to fear the possible Wolf and ignore the drunken illegal alien.  fear the possible…but ignore MS 13..fear the possible But forget the father losing his daughter to a gun shot from the illegal. fear the possible …but pay no attention to the 22-year-old son that will never have a son of his own because his mother lost her 22-year-old to an illegal alien here illegally

I can go on and on with sex trafficking and drugs and how both ruin either by ending your life or scarring you mentally for the rest of your life if you are a victim of either or both. I could go on about the economic burden fostered on the citizens (remember American first) with the pay being stifled and the drain on our federal, state and local expenditures on people illegal here and who should not be a concern because they shouldn’t be here….legally that is…or all the other hundreds of angles one can look at this but let me stay on track and end this abruptly…..

They want you to divert  and deflect your attention the POSSIBLE threat from Canada, and quit thinking about the real occurrences happening real-time right now everywhere in our country from the southern border…..

Oh, and how passionate the cry of  the political and news conglomerates we will here about the threat from the great cold north…they will fill a story line that would make Game of Thrones PROUD……I beg you to multi task. Multitask as I know you can do this, pay attention to the north as winter is here and we do risk some threats from that border and it should be looked at ….BUT have Canadians raped our little children and enslaved some in trades of the flesh, have Canadians come here and stolen our SSN and have Canadians mowed down citizens …what annually monthly, weekly is it or should we wait for it to be daily…???

So here is the article as I like to back everything up that isn’t JUST OPINION.

And you make up your mind….I just bring the info or the thought you actually need to LEARN HOW TO THINK NOT WHAT TO THINK ………….DO NOT BE DIVERTED OR DEFLECTED….I BEG YOU.


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