So the above said in my best Jo Friday voice and imagine the slow regulated JF voice when you read this….

Wasn’t it just a few years ago Liberals were all voting for a wall a barrier a fence or anything to stop illegal aliens……yes even Schumer was calling them illegal aliens back then…and wasn’t Hillary bragging about voting for a barrier of sorts OFTEN…same with damn near every Liberal and democrat…

And now because Nancy grew a penis and want’s to act like those men liberals vilify…she makes a joke of our borders….so lets see

So lets see they all wanted it till TRUMP

They have the money

They prefer to take care of DACA aliens instead of any security for the country…hell one of the progressives in Congress already said nothing for the wall and security of the american people and put all their efforts for the Daca kids that actually aren’t citizens…but before when the president didn’t agree to 800K but 1.6 million in exchange for the wall the liberals backed out…

And now they want as Nancy Joked 1 dollar for the wall….and nothing else

So how does anyone believe these people when they stand up to say anything……anything at all…!!!!

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