Ok first this shit is funny…and i mean you are gonna spew a few times when you read the shit people post…LOVE MY FELLOW HUMANS….THEY ARE FUNNY AS AS ALL GET OUT…..

This is why when living in an alternate mental state one needs medical help and not the kind that cuts bits and pieces off or makes innies out of outies or vise versa, but once this mental disorder is coddled instead of helped mentally….instead of supported with an enabling operation….even after all outward appearances have been changed to the prefered gender (any of the 52 liberals claim there are…stay tuned their may be more as we invent shit out of thin air) the suicide rate even with passable transgenders stays exactly the same as those not helped with the enabling operation….we are just allowing them to live with this illness and not truly helping the individual…

Just click the link then forget the mentally disturbed person screaming about he is a woman…..well go ahead and watch the video but the comments are the true gold here……enjoy.

Just make your way down the comments and if you don’t laugh and chuckle more than a half dozen times I will give you back every penny you paid to come here and read this shit……SIR!

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