Prognostications abound here is mine

One side of the political spectrum investigates as the other side cheats…this is the MO of the left…they cheat pass shit, lie and then the right investigates while the left just keeps on keeping on….so when they find the cheaters and law breakers…say like the lady in florida that was caught breaking the law and destroying votes in florida….why
A) was she still not in jail…
B) at the very least kept out of elections
Yet this bitch was now involved yet again is voter fraud….
In the end because of the rights inability to punish these people, I predict, in the end there will be a second civil war as the law abiding people are starting to see political hacks have no interest, and that is hacks from both sides left and right do nothing …and there will be that one straw and when that breaks the camel’s back I fear there will be blood in the street yet again as neighbor fights neighbor and the fault for this is fully on the right as they dawdle and worry about how they look instead of doing the right thing…THE RULE OF LAW is what keeps this the best country….when one side doesn’t hold the other to that standard we are all lost …like this…

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