Daily 11/2/18 An economic look

So we all, or those that are not brain dead..sorry liberals….we all see jobs are still up and we added about 250,000 new jobs.  Wages still rising at a regular 3.1% quarter over quarter. and 3.7 unemployment…so full employment.

What we don’t hear is NO JOBS SECTOR LOST JOBS…none….and those pesky…. our lives are gonna suck and this is the new normal of the liberals of no manufacturing jobs are gonna come back, high unemployment and piss poor part time jobs instead of full time jobs…al that crap that Obama spouted….. etc…etc…  All wrong every damn thing Obama told us was the new normal…all the unemployment, all the piss poor jobs all the crap spewed by the left all wrong all reversed ….the liberals and the swamp dwelling republicans all wrong and we are on the trump train and steam rolling numbers we have not seen since the 60’s

AND YET SOME LIBERALS are running on turning shit back to the last administrations actions and asking us to put them back into power…….

Now I understand a lot of the MSM is not touting this crap so a lot of people don;t even see or hear about the economy and jobs but damn can’t they tell the economy is up…notice less people staying home and more people working…do they not get it?  Are they truly that fucking stupid or inattentive….I think both….LOL

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