Explaining DAILY’s (also adding in 10/26/18)

So first daily’s are days I decide to comment on the news of the day…as it isn’t easy to get a post in every day…Like I was supposed to be sailing friday but instead was ordering parts someone stole off of my racing sailboat then Sat I had to set the boat up and finally went racing (one out of three days so a little behind everyone) sunday.

So friday’s daily…..

Saw the Bomb guy was almost exactly what i thought…a crazy fucker.  I am still waiting to find out more about the guy…cause remember the charlottesville white supremacist was actually a hillary and obama supporter till the day trump won election then turned NEO NAZI and started his little White supremacist group…

Also where are the people complaining about liberals…who fostered the Congressman shooting guy who shot up republicans at a baseball field….this guys bombs didn’t even go off…

Where are the people bitching about the lefts Antifa ..a group of Paid activist that are violent and destructive

Where are the people bitching about the violent leftist political hasbeens like Hillary, Holder, Obama and others where the list of intended violence starting violent rhetoric…such as asking to KICKING republicans and GOP’ers, what about if they bring a knife you bring a gun? or no one being civil till their party wins control again and that in itself is not a veiled threat but a straight out threat…period…so lets find out when this trump supporter started being a trump supporter …I am still willing to bet he is either or both Crazy and or was a liberal before….like the charlottesville guy

Update 10/29/18  too soon to see if this is 100% true but i love when I am on point with what is going on…seems same thing as the Neo Nazi or as I call it  a liberal in GOP clothing…. see below and make sure you pay attention to the whole felony and voter part..

“Also surfacing is a supposed voter registration data, showing him registering as a Republican a bit more than two years ago. Before that, he was a Dem. Funny, I didn’t know that Florida allowed convicted felons to vote.”

So we have another dem that changed to rep and started crap…seems to be going on a lot lately…

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