You know the liberal I am talking about..the silicon valley guys….the rich..actors…entertainers and I mean the real rich…these people that are for illegals and sanctuary cities cause they care…..BULLSHIT…!!!


The true elite among us, the liberal progressive..and I do know them, I also know those that follow them…surprisingly knowledgeable people…now understand I didn’t say intelligent just very well-educated.   These followers see nothing strange when their side is willing to use force to defeat an elected group…..in fact they are ok with illegals coming here to take your jobs and add to the burden on our working americans…as if we need more slackers and law breakers.

These same elite that care so much for the little guy, want to automate as they look down on the trucker, the farmer, the grocery store worker, the lawn man…they claim they have a heart and want to make room for illegals aliens….not immigrants, I am an immigrant, my family, as most, came here legally.  We had to show we had a sponsor, a support system but mostly we wanted and worked at BECOMING AN AMERICAN !

We came waving american flags not the nation we were leaving as we burned american flags…..who does this shit…maybe someone that thinks two white women can be an indian and a black lady?  Some elitist you aren’t supposed to question or they toss you off of Facebook

Yet these self-appointed care givers to these people still claim to care for the middle and lower-income classes….really they care about the trucker, the Walmart shopper, the ones they can smell, we deplorable, Stupid country people, farm workers, even legal immigrants…then why ….WHY are they so into flooding our country with illegals as they try to automate away tons of Jobs….?????

Companies like Uber, Google, Amazon and others like Facebook that use you your information and at the same time..bring in lower-income workers, tell me poor white and black people how does the competition feel, Tell me middle class how does it feel to have the last decades HB1 visa holders coming in to under cut your jobs…who here has trained their own replacement …

Or better yet HB1 visa holders are allowed in by the droves…ask disney employees, as they have our young take shit degrees like, social justice or women’s studies.   Many of the poly sci degrees, the multicultural degrees, etc…etc…etc….while they import people to work at companies they didn’t train you to work at….But they will fund your college with government loans, you are just a debtor, period, slave labor…Funding your own demise

So these Liberal Progressive wanna be Communist want to automate you out, over burden the workforce to keep the wages down, keep us at each others throats, teach our children BULLSHIT instead of giving them knowledge but more so teach them how to think so they too can be Intelligent…instead they are separating the country into the elites and those they abuse.

Understand how elitist these people are…they want to think they the American Liberal progressive is so smart, so good, so far more superior than anyone else in the world that they and they alone can make Socialism/Communism/Marxism work since no one else in the world has been able to do so ….   an ideology that may have caused more death of not only others but it’s own followers then I think any other singular thing…just about 100,000,000 that’s  One Hundred Million…or close enough to use that number.

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