Daily……10/22/18 because of FB Jail

I decided again to change the format or how i look at this blog.

Mainly because of FB cutting off my posting and also because they cut off messenger at the same time…..so I will not be sitting around waiting for FB to let me back on and spread what i got kicked off for…passing off FACTS…..Yes palestinian state was a group of terrorist that then got awarded some land to call their country…ARAFAT started off as a terrorist, those are the facts I got kicked off of FB and Messenger  for stating…

So we are gonna start (that’s the royal we as me) writing daily input on daily news and or input worth passing along…

Yes I only have a few days of jail left and love how things fly by in these news by the minute situations go by.  you barely have time to think about the blue wave before what use to be a quick look at a persons work and either pass or fail him or her for the SCOTUS and instead we had the Bullshit served up to us about if a teeneager liked beer or not….

By the way Ford is crazy or needs mental help, or is so stupid she believed Feinstein and or her attorney who just used the woman…and I truly don;t believe she believes what she said.  the reason being she might have had some event that tainted a normal persons mind..and made her feel she couldn’t come forward…but I just don’t buy that the main reasons are….

If she wasn’t able to cope with it back then but now has cleared that emotional hurdle…..she definitely held up well and yet….even though the statute of limitation is not over and even though she did muster up the courage for the liberal BS SHOW…NOT ONE OF HIS ACCUSERS HAS FILED CHARGES…..!!!!

My opinion is they know that charges that are false may end up with them in jail instead of the person they falsely accuse.


Now add to that the media playing games instead of doing their job…have you heard anything about russia lately…..of course not….

What about the negative reception the storm troopers of the left are getting from normal people with this shit Watters and Booker and Clinton with all their incivility and threats…did you see the rest patrons run an idiot out and made him leave McConnell alone…of course not….

Have you heard of bank deals in Iran or russia or china …  not really

Now we have the new NEXT THING….the X number of people trying to come across our border illegally…this just like Ms Ford was not a natural thing this is not a natural thing…

Just like we heard about a blue wave and now even though the media is not doing their jobs..the liberals are now claiming it is not so much a blue wave as almost invisible ripple and who knows if it is Blue or red….

Lastly the worse thing for Republicans is if republicans keep the house and senate…..Yes i did mean to say republicans…and by republicans I don’t mean the citizens or the voters…I mean the take your money and play games republicans (trust me just as many as democrats of the same ilk)

See if democrats won either house then both these dysfunctional parties have a reason to not do their job and blaming it on the other party being the party of no and or the president being a different party.   See if either one has all their own type in power then they have to do shit…or be guilty of not doing anything, so they need this party split.

Because it is much easier to line  your pockets and work for yourself, instead of working for the people that sent you to congress…..

Thank god we get to vote…..and it should count there should be a voter registration and everyone of age given and proven to be legal gets a vote and a picture ID…that would so change shit it is unbelievable….and neither party wants that either……Trust me I know.

Then they would truly be held to their promises !

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