An Alternate Reality for citizens of this country


Why did I not here on the news from Mainstream media that the two highest gains in personal Income is Tx at 6% and La at 5.9%

Why instead am I seeing all about unsubstantiated claims against Trump,  all these three (so far) women and I am sure the last one will be like the first two, where all the witnesses are going to claim, yet again they don’t know crap and now we start with the new GANG RAPE..

Now understand , that no one told anyone in the 80’s about this.   Really as adults or close to being adults these druggings and gang rapes were all just magically ignored Now not the others that were going on at that time, and not a peep.  Would that make them co rapist….or at the very least enabelars ?

Where were these peoples moral compasses if not for themselves for the poor unfortunates that were being drugged and raped…and yet..the only ones that got away with rape back then AND HAD WITNESSES and PROOF was COSBY????? Really and Weinstein, as a later rapist then Cosby, he sort of picked up where ole Fat Albert left off .

How exactly did they keep it all undercover, NOT ONE FUCKIN WITNESS THAT REMEMBERS…even the ones the accusers said were there?

Especially as it was an era in our society a time women were already amassing power to stand up to the berating or supposed manly fraud and abuse of the male of the 50’s and 60’s which brought in the dawn of women’s rights soon after Blacks rights…etc…etc….

I mean this was the 80’s this was after the Archie Bunker days. Her was proof that we white guys were all racist and misogynist…and yet these women had no witnesses and yet all the power……PAHLEEZEEEE….!!!!

I am sorry, and understand this is just my opinion only, but you have to be a special kind of stupid to believe this even before you see the political timing…of it all….

I hear all this on news both left and right but not that Tx and La have the highest personal income that this president rang in with, of all things, construction and manufacturing which the last president…..the Magic Negro….. said over and over..these days were in the past…I HAVE VIDEO …where he said these days were never gonna come back…  Please people don’t believe his garbage, he didn’t start this recovery, but worse then being either incompetent or intentionally  keeping the economy down….PLEASE REMEMBER that he stated it was IMPOSSIBLE to ever get back to what we have right now….national personal income is up 4.9% and the last i heard this time we are at a GDP again something the left said was impossible to get over 2% …they even said an average of 3% GDP was impossible without cooking the books… and yet with first quarter of 2.2% but how can that be?  Then an increase of 4.1 and now we have been hearing 4.2% or greater…


This is from 2011 to second quarter of 2018, sorry it is hard to read but stealing graphs is not my forte.

But 9.9% (Total of 4 quarters) divided by 4….. equals 2.475% GDP….

BUT BUT THAT CAN’T BE  and if we extrapolate anything around 3% to 4% GDP we will hit well over 3.0% GDP SOMETHING the MAGIC NEGRO and all the liberal economist said couldn’t happen…

Stick around folks for more info no one wants to tell ya…!!!!

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