The fiasco that is now our government

It seems now we have a hearing and follow laws to appoint people and when everything is ready to proceed, if it isn;t to the lefts liking they launch a barrage of …I hate to steal the tag of FAKE NEWS.

I am a tad of an acquired taste, as I write as I speak…long winded and sometimes laced with at best called colorful language and if pissed the best list of pornographic words amassed in one space…. also called salty language …..but I truly am not as crass and nasty as some liberals that tout their lies and practice a win at all cost.

To watch what this SCOTUS nominee has to endure is just amazing…..that one can first take this abuse is impressive and to know it is launched with possibly not one iota of hard evidence is mind blowing…..

Here are the facts…now several women… I think two so far with whispers of more..but both have a few other things then raking the current SCOTUS nominee, or should i say the strafing of the nominee with these facts…..

Not sure but think it was him
At a place they can’t remember
Who use witnesses that don’t remember the occasion
And were not actually raped

Meanwhile we have congressional people that claim this guy is guilty with the above proof.
These same elected officials are ignoring the INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY  part of our laws.
Also the blatant sexism being pushed is, women should ALWAYS be believed and men ALWAYS lie….

It seems president Obama may have succeeded in what we were afraid he was trying to do and turned us into some third world country that the law that has stood it well for centuries and we are thrown back to the days of the Inquisition…not innocent until proven guilty but guilty until you can prove you are innocent…

I am so sad for my country and my kids and their offsprings as these idiots are still in power and pushing the liberal ideology….

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