Yet another school shooting and two factions will line up and start the drum beat of indignation…



Then we start the debates from the metaphoric, the what ifs, what abouts, etc….

Guns don’t kill people!

Mental illness!



Ideologies clash…!

But the children is uttered….we divide off and state our facts, our cases the reasons etc…

We split into more factions and today we have more options.

Tell the truth, if you are like most, you have more than one persona. we all do.  Before, you didn’t always see others and then societies broke out and some  people see you every day, it was either you and some guy down the lane or in the other part of the woods, or the guy farming there or the person living next door in the city, but basically, there was you and then there was you behind your door. The Private you.

So you public and you private. Is that a fair assessment? How many more? Traveling you?  Club you? Internet You? Subdivisions of internet you, that is how many? FB, Twitter you and I truly have no idea or time for all the other possible Yous….

All trying to argue a point, what was that again? …. Oh yeah Dead Kids and how to save some.

You see, by now, the predicament, as you can’t decide what you want for lunch and all them YOUS trying to decide where to go to lunch, forget this isn’t just lunch, this is about dead children and fucking with people’s rights or guns or lives and remember, we still want lunch…..Shit them YOUS are fucking things up.

So we argue…..!

Logic is both glued together and torn asunder…and with all those YOUS, and still none of YOU ate lunch yet except for that YOU on FB in his underwear, who just ate a boloney sandwhich and posted a pic of it….  and Understand all those persona’s, I didn’t even touch on the populations perverted side of YOUS, don’t always make good logicical statments or decisions

Now I would like to enter some scary shit….this article from National Review

If you read that, then we have a vision of this getting worse, way worse, as this is not just a shooting that will never happen again but a RIOT.  Have you seen a riot? there is no control or none without some massive destruction. either they run out of shit to ruin or someone steps in and stops the riots and well, people still get hurt. property gets destroyed. just by the other side

Dividing all of us

More influences From other shooter, Remember we still haven’t gotten all the YOUS to decide on lunch (well except for that FB underwear guy, anyway we could end the majorith of this crap if we just stopped being PC

Why we don’t, and in my humble opinion it can easily be reversed to actually not a riot. but we have to be honest. we can be PC if that’s your thing but i prefer honesty…open logical discussion cause if I can get all my YOUS to agree on shit and I have a crap load of them, then the rest of us that give a fuck shoudl be able to get all their YOUS to do so also …the problem is we aren’t allowed to speak and we sure as shit aren’t teaching cognitive thinking (if cognitive means what I think it does) hell we aren’t teach thinking at all…

So after a lot of verbiage and we still need lunch ..whats the answer…..



Easy as that !!!

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