I have shit to say and I want to be able to say it, share it, Like it or not i hope it makes you, us all think! So here is my first post.

As with the warf, a few posts may be shaky and some totally gone, the hope is still there and optimistic, of good bones and hopefully both the wharf and common sense, yes my common sense, will come back and be rejuvenated.  Hopefully a different way to look at things.  More logical, commonsensical I would say more honest but even I have questions I don’t want asked of me…we all do!

Still every effort will be made to look at the world, all of it, from personal things to worldview…… with everything from a selfish hard nosed “my view” because, I can state the case and it is what it is in ideology or fact, we can do either!  Pick one or the other, as they seldom are worthy of mention in the same sentence.

So hard nosed but at other times with the simplistic view of an idealist beauty contestant with the world piece idiocy!  Trying to use what few brain cells nature gave me to think and get you to think also.

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